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Blake Benge

Blake Benge

Coordinating Minister, Missions and Ministries
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Pastoral Staff

Dr. Dave Snyder, Senior Pastor
Blake Benge, Coordinating Minister, Missions and Ministries
Scot Cameron, Minister of Traditional Music
Hunter Sims, Director of Communications and Outreach
Jason Givens, Director of Contemporary Worship
Jeremy Davis
, Associate Minister, Students and Families
Laura Harrison, Associate Minister, Children and Families
Dr. Chien Thang Uc, International Minister
Neal Kinard, In-home Ministries Coordinator

Support Staff

Reginia Barrow, Church Administrator
Joy Waters
, Receptionist
Barbara Burks, Student Ministry Assistant
Kelley Hamilton, Education Ministry Assistant
Wanda Jackson, Membership Ministry Assistant
Elizabeth Smith, Pastor’s Ministry Assistant
Kim Birthright, Children’s Ministry Assistant
Ali Ohler, Weekday Preschool Director
Celeste Threadgill, Assistant Preschool Director
Hannah Williams, Publications/Web Coordinator
Disa Lee, Music Ministry Assistant
Ashley Leigh, Music Ministry Associate
Doug Lee, Media Associate
Dr. Lynne Lauderdale, Organist
Ellen Bates, Pianist
Emilie Bova, Assistant Pianist
Bill Farris, Samaritan Hands
Leslie Miller, Librarian
Sam Solomon, Maintenance Supervisor

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