Volunteer to Serve Through First Baptist Church of Pensacola

It’s our desire, as a church, to demonstrate Christlike love in our attitudes and actions. Having been loved by Jesus, we desire to love others as Jesus has loved us. As we volunteer to serve, we hope those we help will experience Jesus and discover the God who loves them dearly. We know that when serving others, we too see more of the God who loves.


Serving through First Baptist Pensacola takes three pathways, and you can walk all three if you like. For sure, you want to serve somewhere. Volunteering to serve through the church is one of the significant ways we grow spiritually. We hope you will engage with us in at least one of these areas:

1. On Campus

This is mostly the Sunday morning environments of First Baptist Church, but includes other opportunities as well. Learn More

2. In the Community

These opportunities are a collection of initiatives created to help people in and around Pensacola. Each is designed to share the love of Jesus but also make our community a better place to live. Learn More

3. Around the World

The majority of our global efforts deal with serving children. Whether it is working in an orphanage in Haiti or playing baseball on a makeshift field in Russia, these teams work hard to share the gospel in a way that connects with people and especially kids. Learn More