Missions Work in Liberia

Light Evangelism Ministry (LEM) is serving the Liberian people through evangelism, education, & humanitarian services.


Evangelism: LEM is presenting the Gospel through Church Planting both in Liberia and Ivory Coast, Jesus Films showings, and Children’s Bible conferences.


Education: LEM’s school is committed to providing spiritual and academic instructions to orphans, less fortunate children as well as other students who live in the area surrounding the school.


Humanitarian: LEM distributes clothing, education materials, nutrition supplement, wheelchairs and runs a mini-clinic which serves the students in LEM’s school as well as the area surrounding the community.


Christ is central in all of LEM’s efforts.


LEM hosts missions trips between May and July annually. These trips typically engage in efforts such as construction, medical missions, educational and recreational support in the school, pastoral leadership workshops as well as church planting and growth efforts.


Contact Information

Anyone who is interested or has questions about traveling to Liberia should Contact Light Evangelism Director:

Mark Dahn

Phone: 850-529-9317

Email: gnmedahn@juno.com

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