Drive-Thru Food Pantry – Volunteer Info

Drive Thru Food Pantry_Updated
We are concerned about people in our community who have been economically impacted by COVID-19 and now face mounting debts, impending evictions, and hunger. While we cannot help everyone with everything, we do believe we can help 1200 hungry families. On Saturday, August 15, First Baptist will host a large-scale food distribution.

If you have a heart to help the hungry people in our community, we invite you to let us know now by registering below. An undertaking of this magnitude has multiple logistical layers; the sooner you register, the better we can prepare, and the more food we can get to more people.    

Exact times will be clearer as preparations progress, but, we are sure we will need team members in advance of August 15th to bag/box products, and perhaps some other tasks.  Exact dates of these advance needs will be sent out, as the needs arise, to those who register.   If you have specific areas of expertise  (certified forklift operation, traffic management, etc.), please let us know in your registration.

In the interest of safety, we will not be able to allow children age 12 or under to participate.  For those young people 13-16, we would ask for them to be accompanied by a parent.

If you have or have access to any of the following, please contact Barton Starr as soon as possible:
*Fork lift, with certified driver
*Pallet jacks