2020 Deacon Nomination Form


Our Deacon Nomination Committee invites every member of the church to review the qualifications for deacons as adopted by the church (see below) and suggest those who should be considered by the committee for nomination as deacons.  You may suggest as many as you think qualify.

These suggestions must reach the committee by Sunday, August 9, 2020 to be considered.  They may be given to any deacon officer, mailed to the church office in care of the committee, or submitted through the form below.  Suggestions are to be submitted only by members of the First Baptist Church, and therefore must be signed to be accepted.

According to the election guidelines of the church, inactive deacons will not be placed on the ballot unless suggested by one or more members of the church.


  • A deacon must be a member of First Baptist Church
  • A deacon must live toward the standards set forth in I Timothy 3 and Acts 6.
  • Faithfully participate in worship and Bible study
  • Be involved in mission and/or ministry
  • Practice Biblical model of stewardship of resources
  • Practice a lifestyle of self-control
  • Promote goodwill and harmony
  • Regularly share faith in Christ


  • Serve as a spiritual catalyst, lead others to participate in mission and ministry by example
  • Help the staff build consensus with the church
  • Encourage and do things for our staff so they can focus on their ministries
  • Pray diligently for the spiritual, physical and emotional health of the church
  • Assist the pastor and Administrative Council in communicating and promoting programs and visions to the congregation

The following deacons, whose term will expire this year, are NOT ELIGIBLE for a period of one year.

Scott Bell
Doug Bizerra
Nix Daniel
Ebb Ebbesen
Scott Ginnetti
John Hoewt
Ron Jackson
Mike Killam
Tim Milstead
David Sansing
Steve Shell
Tim Ziel

The following are those who continue to serve as Active Deacons or Deacon Emeriti:

Kelly Armstead
Buddy Burks
Mitchell Bass
Ned Couey
Matt Cushing
Josh Dixon
John Floyd
George Forsberg
Casey Henry
John Hosman
Matt Johnson
Casey Jones
Doug Lurton
Josh Lyons
Doug Mott
Ali Ohler
Trey Poirier
Jim Satterwhite
Dennis Shuman
Glen Strange
Al Stubblefield
Bill Threadgill


Dave Andrews
Monte Barrow
James Callaway
Charles Clevenger
Max Dickson
Bob Gowing
Larry Hicks
Bill Howell
Gene Langston
Billy Merritt
J. P. Minchew
Bill Morrison
Bill Thompson
Curtis Walker
Bill Waters
Dr. Bob Wilson


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