Ensembles – or small vocal groups – play an important part in the total Music Ministry at First Baptist. With the exception of the Worship Vocal Team, they are born out of their respective choirs, with all ensemble singers being members in good standing of their age-group choir.

Three of our choirs produce ensembles: the Sanctuary Choir (A Cappella Singers), the Chapel Choir (Surrender) , and the Clarion Choir (Promise) . These ensemble members are considered “second milers,” because they commit to be faithful to an additional rehearsal – their ensemble rehearsal – per week, while at the same time staying faithful to their respective choir rehearsal.

Our fourth ensemble is our Worship Vocal Team , initiated to serve as worship leaders in our Early Service, 8:15 on Sunday mornings; they are joined by our Worship Band. This group regularly rehearses twice a week.

Our worship services benefit greatly from the variety these ensembles provide our times of praise. Each one is unique in the style of worship they contribute. Click on the one you’d like to know more about:

A Cappella Singers (Adults)

Worship Team

Surrender (Sr. High/College

Promise (Middle School)


A Cappella Singers

A Capella Singers

Aside from the Sanctuary Choir (adults), this group probably lays claim to the greatest ongoing longevity of any other adult vocal unit at First Baptist Church. Founded by organist Lynne Lauderdale initially as the Chapel Singers , they adopted their current name, A Cappella Singers , in 1987.

Their founder continued directing them as long as schedules would allow. At the point when Lynne had to give up being their director, another legendary figure within the Music Ministry and First Baptist Church, Olivia Swaine, quickly assumed the role as their new director. Not a beat was skipped!

The membership of the Singers is determined by auditions, and to be eligible to audition, one must be a member in good standing of our Sanctuary Choir . Rehearsal time for the Singers is each Wednesday evening from 5:45-6:40, with Sanctuary Choir rehearsal immediately following.

On the average, the Singers share service responsibilities approximately once per month in the Mid-Morning Service. They also participate in season special programs.

Anyone interested in becoming a part of the A Cappella Singers needs first to become active in the Sanctuary Choir, then simply speak with Olivia Swaine about your interest.


Worship Team

Worship Team

On August 20, 2000, we ushered in our new Contemporary Worship Service. Initially leading this service was a brand new staff member and two new Music Ministry groups. Doug Kimsal , called in May of 2000 to First Baptist Church as Music Associate/Contemporary Worship Leader, started the worship leading groups for this new service format: the Praise Vocal Team and the Praise Band.

Doug moved to another area and church as Minister of Music in February of 2002. After a short interim time, Tina Helms began her service with us as Worship Associate, and continues to give effective leadership to our Early Service music and the Worship Team today.

Each member of the Worship Team is keenly aware that before one can be a worship leader, one must first be a lead worshipper. Much time is spent in rehearsals talking about the awesome responsibility that is attached to this role.

The weekly rehearsal time for the Worship Team is on Thursday evenings; then, they’re at it “bright and early” on the next Sunday morning (7:15) to do final checks to make sure everything is ready. The Early Service that they help lead is on Sunday mornings from 8:15-9:10, and takes place in Chipley Hall.



Surrender is the auditioned ensemble from our Chapel Choir (Sr. High/College). Following their auditions in September, they remain active through the Chapel Choir Tour, which normally concludes the end of  June.

The group can have anywhere from six to twelve voices, depending on the results of the  audition process; typically, an even number of  guys and gals is sought.


This ensemble does a major part of the Chapel Choir’s Tour Concerteach year, and as such, has participated in the Tour Recordings, as well as making their own recordings. Their musical style ranges from hymn arrangements to contemporary, but everything they do has a fresh sound to it, with a great deal of enthusiasm in their delivery.

Approximately once a month Surrender sings in Sunday morning worship, lending an air of youthfulness to our praise of God. They’re always received with enthusiasm.

They rehearse weekly on Sundays from 6:15-8:00, immediately following our Chapel Choir rehearsal & snack supper.



Promise is the name of our Middle School vocal ensemble. Usually made up of anywhere from six to twelve mixed voices, this group is chosen from members of the Clarion Choir, the choir for this age group, through an audition and interview process.

Director for Promise is our Music Associate, who also directs the Clarion Choir. The weekly rehearsal time slot for this small ensemble is somewhat negotiable, but has been on Wednesday or Sunday afternoons in the past.

Being a member in good standing of the Clarion Choir is pre-requisite to auditioning for Promise . The auditions are held at the beginning of each choir year, and are usually completed by October.


Typically, this ensemble will share in worship each time the full choir does. They also participate in the Children, Rejoice! Christmas program on the first Sunday in December, and on the Clarion Choir Connection, the special trip that happens either in April or May.