Concerts and Tours

In addition to leading in worship services throughout the year, several of our music groups are involved in special projects and programs, ranging from seasonal concerts to tours and trips.

Much effort is put into assuring our attenders, and our musicians, vast variety of programming as regards styles of music.

Many of our major seasonal programs and tours are on a four year rotational system, with each year providing a different “look, sound and venue.”

Children’s Choirs Carnival
Singing Seniors Trip

Children, Rejoice!
In Excelsis Deo
Sounds of Christmas
Carols and Candles

Pensacola Easter Pageant
Clarion Choir Connection
Children’s Choirs’ Spring Program
Alleluias by the Sea
Orchestra Mini-Tour
God’s Musician
Spring Forth with Music
Chapel Choir Tour
Go Ye! Overseas Tour
August Concert Series