Median / Senior Adults

The Median and Senior Adult Ministry of First Baptist Church reaches out to adults 41 years of age and older. Our commitment within this ministry is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by providing a ministry of Bible Study, fellowship, care and encouragement. Sunday Morning Bible Study classes are the core of this ministry. These classes offer a wonderful environment to meet new people who share your interests, to have your needs met, and to find applicable Biblical answers to today’s questions. Some classes are designed for couples while others for men and women to study separately. You choose the class depending on your personal preference and where you feel the Lord is leading you.

Other programs, among them our homebound ministry, weekday Bible studies and Leisure Timers senior organization, offer opportunities for the Christian to grow to be more like Jesus.

If you are seeking…

• A place to study and learn God’s Word
• A place for your family to worship and hear the gospel
• A place to love and be loved
• A place to learn of opportunities for service
• A place to encourage and be encouraged
• A place for wonderful fellowship

Then you will find a wonderful home as a part of God’s family in the Median and Senior Adult ministry of First Baptist Church.

Contact the church office at 850-433-5631 for more information about becoming involved in the Median and Senior Adult ministry.