Deacon’s Ministry

Our Deacons fill the role of servant-leaders within the congregation. They…

  • Serve as a spiritual catalyst leading others, (by example), to participate in worship, mission and ministry.
  • Help our staff to build consensus and maintain unity within the church.
  • Encourage and assist staff members in service to the congregation, allowing them to better focus on their particular area of ministry.
  • Pray diligently for the spiritual, physical, emotional, and fiscal health of the church.
  • Assist the pastor and Administrative Council in communicating and promoting programs and visions to the congregation.

Specific deacon-led ministries areas include…

 Bereavement – The Bereavement team ministers to those in the church family that have experienced the death of a family member.

• Home Repair – The primary purpose of this team is to make minor home repairs for those church members who are not reasonably able to do themselves.

• Hospital Visitation – The primary purpose of this team is supplement the staff’s visits to those members and loved ones who are hospitalized, providing comfort, encouragement, and prayer for the sick and their families.

 Prayer – The Bible directs Christians to “pray without ceasing.” This ministry team is charged with helping the church be a “house of prayer.”

If you have any questions about the Deacon’s Ministry, please contact the church office: 850-433-5631.

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